Zero Tolerance Policy !

AllMiles App Based Taxi Aggregation Service has and enforces a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use by drivers during any period when a driver is engaged in or is logged into the AllMiles App. AllMiles drivers must not engage in alcohol consumption or drug intake while driving, and any driver that attempts to do so will be permanently removed from the AllMiles platform and reported to the proper authorities

AllMiles drivers must maintain a 0% alcohol level while driving on the platform or while logging into the application. Any driver found to have a blood-alcohol level beyond 0% will be permanently banned from the AllMiles platform.

AllMiles has a zero-tolerance policy towards drivers that engage in any form of drug or alcohol use that could endanger the life of a rider and him or herself. Drug use and open containers of alcohol are never allowed while using the AllMiles apps. If you’re a driver, by law, you cannot drive while intoxicated. The law prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs your ability to safely operate a vehicle. If you encounter a rider who is too drunk or rowdy, you have the right to decline the trip for your own safety.

AllMiles is committed to providing a safe driving environment so far as is reasonably practicable, prohibits discrimination against riders or drivers based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic protected under applicable state law. AllMiles App-based platform provides all drivers with equal opportunity and treats them fairly, with dignity, and respect. The influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs your ability to safely may impact a driver’s capacity to drive safely and efficiently, thereby posing a risk to the safety of our driver, customers, and the public alike.

This zero-tolerance policy is essential to preventing, or minimizing, any risk of injury or harm to the safety of our drivers, passengers, or others and is a part of our mission to make it safe and easy for everyone to travel around. To ensure the safety of our riders, AllMiles does not tolerate the use of alcohol or drugs by any of our vehicle operators and sets a premise towards exposure to such substances and the consequences of breaching the policy.

Scope of the policy

This policy applies to all registered drivers or when referred to collectively as drivers registered with AllMiles App-Based Platform any interactions or locations where drivers may be working, interacting with AllMiles employees, or representing AllMiles for example, when driving with a customer, visiting an AllMiles office location, interacting with a potential customer in the representation of AllMiles

Drivers’ Responsibilities

All drivers must: comply with this policy; observe all directions from AllMiles in regard to this policy; recognize that performance of duties could be affected by alcohol or drugs; and immediately notify AllMiles helpline if they are aware of any breach of this policy by another driver. Subject to any disclosures required by law, any information or notifications received by Driver Care will be treated confidentially. Failure to report any breach of this policy by another driver may itself constitute a breach of this policy

AllMiles Responsibilities

AllMiles is responsible for ensuring that this policy is readily available to drivers. This includes ensuring that: They are familiar with and understand this Policy; any concerns or issues are looked upon on priority and proactively to ensure the safety of all drivers, users, Passenger support is provided to drivers and customers where appropriate; and any suspected breaches of this policy are acted on at expeditated pace and in accordance with this policy.

Reporting zero-tolerance concern

If you suspect that a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, call the authorities by dialing 100 or your local non-emergency assistance line if necessary.Then, contact our command center response team by tapping 'Emergency Button' We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Concern doesn't need to be real-time to warrant reporting through this channel. The 24/7 line is available for any reports relating to safety during a ride.

For non-critical or general zero-tolerance inquiries, you can also submit a ticket to our Support Team at support@allmiles.in or or call us on: +91-9970-222-888.

Allmiles has an escalation matrix that will help your escalation reach the required level of attention:.

Level Role Responsibility
L1 Grievance redressal officer Handles all the high-level escalations via a matrix or can be contacted directly contacted towards the breach of any policy formulated by AllMiles
L2 Shift Supervisor Registers and handles issues that are domain-specific and escalates in case further investigation is required
L3 24*7 Helpline For any past, present issues to be raised by passengers or drivers related to rides or breach of any place. The escalation thus registered would be escalated to the shift supervisor and further if the additional resource for investigation is necessary
Actions that can be taken by AllMiles on Breach of Policy
  • Immediately suspend the driver from representing AllMiles The said driver has to attend a medical examination to determine whether the driver is to perform their duties effectively and safely. The medical examination may include drug and/or alcohol tests, such as a breath test, blood test, urine test, or oral swab. If the driver refuses to attend a medical examination, they will be immediately and permanently off-roaded

  • Other examples of disciplinary action that may be taken include a formal warning(But not limited to); Temporary suspension of access to the AllMiles driver App; termination of representation of AllMiles service as a driver

Breach of Policy

If a driver is found to have breached this policy, they may be subjected to disciplinary action. The type and severity of the disciplinary action will depend upon the circumstances of the case and the seriousness of the breach. In serious cases, this may include permanent off-roading from AllMiles.

Education and training

AllMiles will inform and may, where necessary, conduct training or information sessions for all drivers relating to this policy, including but not limited to the consequences of breaching this policy; the effects of alcohol and drug use (including prescription and pharmacy drugs) while driving; the risks to the safety of drivers and others by the use of alcohol and drugs.