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We are AllMiles' !

We at AllMiles' with its 3 flavoured Software Products offers Corporates, Fleet Owners & Aggregators a ubiquitous mode of optimising cost at same time increase Efficiency of Employee/Passenger Experience Index, thus creating an ecosystem for each stake holder (Driver, Manager, Passenger/Employee) to perform his own job.

Incorporated in 2012, We brand ourselves as innovators with straight focus on Efficiency with Security as focal point of services offered, with over 3 locations presently & expanding to 8 more locations. A Cloud-Based SaaS platform, with competitive pricing structure & Dedicated customer service, it’s no surprise that AllMiles' has quickly become one of the industry’s most recognizable and innovative companies.

We are relentlessly trying to innovate products & no wonder we transport 60K people/day with growth rate of 7% Monthly, low cost travel but does not mean a low-cost service.

Sophisticated Benefits & Capabilities

  • Substantial Cost Saving
  • 30 Days Seat Visibility
  • Guaranteed Seat
  • Pay Per use (1/2, 1-5-7-10-25-30-60-180 days Passes)
  • No Travel Commitment
  • Monthly Seat Booking in Advance
  • No Standing Passenger
  • Mobile App ONLY platform
  • Mobile App Based Bus Passes
  • Show & No-show, Cancellation, Modification, Postponements
  • Non Obstructive Verification in Vehicles
  • Safe & Monitored Buses

Sophisticated Benefits & Capabilities

  • Real-Time ETA/STA
  • Live Tracking of Vehicle
  • Dedicated Corridor Routes
  • Only Corporates Employees
  • Committed Morning & Evening Timings
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Digital Booking Invoices
  • Pride of contributing to Green Revolution
  • Women Safety
  • GPS & RED Alert on Mobile App
  • More Miles & Smiles
  • Community BUILDING
  • Better Work Life Balance

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