Meet Our Brilliant Minds

  • Utkarsh is a hands-on CEO who believes in taking initiatives and setting standards for others to follow. He is a 3rd generation Transporter with a vast amount of experience and a sharp mind, which adequately reflects in the near-0% attrition of his all his ‘ORGs’. With a rich background in cyber and IT security, he has conceptualized 12 products in the areas of anti-piracy, data and logistics security, and more. Utkarsh brings a practical and solution-driven outlook to his work, while always keeping the client’s mission and vision in mind.
    Utkarsh Dabhade
    CEO, Founder
  • Dr. Chand is a former Additional Director General, Indian Navy and Vice President at Tech Mahindra. His naval background is clearly emphasized by his no-nonsense approach to discipline and order in business. With 30+ years of experience and a fine sense of judgement, he is always striving to create new and innovative roads in business strategy. Mr. Chand has an impeccable way of doing things, conveying his thoughts and ideas like a General commanding his troops.
    Dr. Prem Chand
    Mentor, Co-Founder
  • The one word that best describes Sachin’s business approach, is adaptability. He is a hardcore digital marketer who puts his heart and soul into every task. He comes with diverse amounts of expertise, gathered from his work with major companies such as Oracle. He approaches sales with a dynamic outlook, and is always up for taking new paths in order to achieve a more productive outcome, as well as higher SaaS revenues. He is a true fighter when it comes to his sales pitches, wherein he works with the perfect blend of practicality and quick wit. He loves cooking Rogan Josh, and is always game for a cook-off. Perhaps that’s where he gets all his ‘Josh’ from!
    Sachin Bhavsar
    Head of Sales, Co-Founder
  • A hardcore tech-professional and data-driven personality, Dipak is dedicated towards streamlining software development and achieving results in the most efficient way possible. With expertise in product design and architecture, he has developed highly innovative platforms for logistic security.His precise work with every project is aptly reflected in a high success rate and zillions of smiles. A true tech leader in the making, Dipak works with an unending ethic for accurate timelines and project completion. He is also a 90’s hindi music enthusiast, who often graces the work atmosphere with his melodious voice.
    Dipak Giri
    CTO, Co-Founder
  • A self-motivated, enthusiast, solution thinker and a team player having unmatched IT Skills & experience in series of solution domain like Student Safety & Security, GPS, GIS Integration, Employee Transportation, Goods Transportation, Fleet Utilization etc. She is a Technical lead and handling the entire software design and an implementation part. Rajashri has proved her metal working on different technology & Management fronts. She is such a sincere & kindhearted person that one can never think negative about her. She certainly adds charm to the atmosphere with her unique style and wonderful presence.
    Co-Founder & Architect
  • Jitendra is a true gem and one of the foundation pillar of the organization. Known for his never say die attitude he has set a benchmark to stand high in toughest of the situations with his stunning capability to stand rock solid no matter what the situation is. A Favorite leader of the Mobile team and also famous for his strange sense of humor. Leading Automation system & Mobile team effortlessly he has won the hearts with his amazing leadership style.
    Jitendra Patil
    Co-Founder & Automation Head
  • Mohan differentiates himself with his strong intellectual and dedicative capabilities. He is a master to take on challenging situations and make difficult possible. A Go getter and ready to mold himself according to situations quickly. Single-handedly managing the processing of various Payments gateways like Razor pay, PayuBiz etc. His Sound technical skills and sincerity make him Mr. Dependable of the team.
    Mohan Patil
    Co-Founder & Payment Process Head