Fleet Mobility

The rapid industrial growth of India has given rise to the demand for human resource, thus causing the number of corporate professionals in urban areas to increase exponentially. It is in response to this demand, that there now exist several independent fleet vendors who provide vehicles to companies (buses, mini buses, cabs, etc) for the transport of their employees. For these vendors, the effective management and mobility of their fleet is essential, as it can make profits soar. Conversely, the lack of a proper management system can cause losses for the vendors, bringing their entire business to a grounding halt. Pitasys offers the necessary platform to streamline your business and enhance its efficiency as well as scalability. Our fleet mobility service or CHAS (Car Hiring Automated System) enables effective fleet management by providing striking features such as:

  • Dashboard: It gives you a smooth user-experience with active tracking and diagnosis of vehicular movement.
  • Reports: This feature lets you view important data regarding your business, thus giving you greater control over your day-to-day operation.
  • Live Fleet: This is a special feature of the web app provided by us. Using GPS tracking along with special sensors, it gives you real-time individual vehicle location. You also receive data about their ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • Route replay: It allows you to map out the entire route taken by a vehicle of your fleet, along with details such as landmarks, duration, and more.
  • Alerts: It immediately lets you know if there in any emergency from the drivers or passengers.
  • PoI: It is an online databank that is available to all stakeholders, carrying all useful data such as events, seat allotments, and more.

Making use of our Fleet mobility systems, you can boost the efficiency and functionality of your business. Along with assured safety and effective service, you also enjoy increased customer satisfaction.