Corporate Mobility

In today's corporate world, it is quintessential to provide best of FMS (Facility Management Services) but at the same time tame the cat of ever bulging Corporate Mobility Transportation Cost. It is true that in large organisation this is 2nd largest cost after salary.

In the quest, Corporates struggles to balance the act of providing best of the transport services & at same time adhere to safety & security with optimal cost infra for transport.

  • Ease of Operations: SaaS interface which enables the operations team to make automated routes with optimised tracks thus efficiently Manoeuvring employees at minimum travel time and saving larger hassles of manual allocations
  • Simplified Process: Rule Based Algorithm Enhances best picked up routes with Adherence of overarching rules for Ex. Women safety (First one but not the last to get dropped), Manual Adjustment for seat allocation even after roaster is being made, etc.
  • Save Hassles: Existing software’s Integration: Existing Access Card & Platform performing Capabilities to book from existing integration software’s & databases
  • Mobile App Operations: Operations on the go, having various interfaces (Mobile & web) for all stake holders like Transport Manager, Employee, MTO (Managed Transport Operator), On Duty Driver, Billing Department, Corporate Transport Desk, making sure that each blend into single interface and have Adherence
  • Cost Saving ++: Self Learning Platform: Track route, Employee schedules, Vendor Management Scoring with incremental improvisation each time juicing out optimization to the fullest
  • Voice your Opinion: MIS at click of button: Big Data: Access based data for each stake holders with more than 100+ out of the box reports with option of customised reports to enhance monthly billing data at finger tips for each stake holder, giving you a complete hold of data that defines your strategy for Employee Transportation
  • Environment Responsible: Green Initiatives, Women Safety, Carbon Foot Prints, paper less work, Support Public Transport thus promoting the company Appropriately
  • Stand out with Better Collaboration: As department in Organisation provide a Stronger Workplace Satisfaction & Stand out Corporate Identity, As cost centre, better collaboration and efficient man powering resourcing makes it more efficient
  • Built-in analyst: The concept of acquiring data, understanding it and then modelling on it can take all of the pressure away and places it back on the system. Essentially, the user does not have to be specialist in analysis, forecasting and predicting models. It’s like having an industry analyst right on your desktop
  • Controlled Environment: Ability to check, modify, cancel, reroute and control activities gives the power to leverage the controlled boundaries of Environment you operate on