Corporate Mobility FAQ

Corporate Transport is “Transportation” given by corporates to have their employees being picked up from their homes to office and vice-versa. This is being done either for Business Purpose or as Employees Well-being activity. This activities are normally carried with organisations with large workforce where in the Fleet vendors are deployed to make them come and go for their work schedules.

We believe that Corporate Transport being the 2nd largest cost after salary, it makes sense to make it automated, transparent, cost lite, right from route selection, routing, rostering, vendor management to complete operations with minimalistic human intervention.

when using our solutions (Software + Operations + Reporting + Vendor Management) your employees will have not only safe experience but an experience like none they have had before because of ground up technology we have created.

All the fleets will have perimeter security in terms of hardware (Integrable with existing hardware as well) or our proprietary hardware to get best results to track & give actionable intelligence for further enhancing employee travel experience.

We are basically a SaaS (Software As A Service) company, aiming only to save existing cost of Transport. It optimizes Routes, Cost, making this a single point of interface for all stakeholders (Employee, Driver, Driver Operator, Fleet Manager, Corporate Finance, Corporate Management team). These becomes a simple task to assign fleets depending upon numbers of employees with maximum occupancy.
  • We are pioneer for “DE-RISKING” outsourcing model for corporates, means, you can completely outsource the Transport as P&L (Profit & loss) to us and we will run it for you as cost centre first & then as bare minimum cost centre for you as an organisation
  • Mobile Centric Operations: We strongly believe in having “Mobile Centric” Operations to built the solution from security perspective, seamless without any manual intervention from any stake holders what so ever
  • Mobile Discipline: All inputs are to be done by either mobile or web app, creating the responsibility of different stake holders responsible for their actions & hence gives great results
  • Combined Power: We run “SHARED MOBILITY” in addition to “Corporate Mobility”, the combined cost saving goes beyond your imagination & that too with all things in tact of technology & operation hassles being taken care of
  • Unlimited Customization free: Our policy has always been learning & stand on firm grounds of providing service
  • Video Wall Control: state of the art mechanism for safety & security controls
  • Customer not handcuffed: Any users, any rights & train the trainer concept
  • Automated Start trip & End trip: technology enabling start & end point
  • One roof solution: Everything under transport department as gamut comes to your service under our portfolio of services
Although difficult to assess without numbers, but from the experience we can surely assure you that we can save around 7-10% in first round of optimization & it continues with all major optimization with elimination of excess fleets, with immediate results in having discipline with drivers & employees needing to talk to system through mobile app, completing their job to adjust with routing mechanism, thus helping save even further more
Assuming, IT policy of corporates & existing fleets to start optimization with, we surely are up & running in 3 weeks. We in fact would chalk out daily calendar till operations gets normalised to success with auto mode
Absolutely, we have created a technology for us to have only 4 parameters: In time, Out time, nodal point & corporate email id with gender. Absolutely no need to have any other info, that protects all the NON-PII Personal Identification Information as well, we do proper encrypted format, data resting on Secure Microsoft Azure cloud

Great Question, in fact we have been pioneering to take this up and we differentiate from the routine SOS/Emergency calls in a way that the real emergency calls with that of fakes ones with AI (Artificial Intelligence), following are the ones which we deal with in great depth:

  • Various pattern analysis: Deviation in any of that, classified into different forms
  • 3 second location for in-depth slicing & dicing of data
  • Driving pattern & Sudden braking graphs
  • Over speeding: Acceptable event but continued trend is actionable intelligence
  • Mugging zone + Alarms + Emergency
  • Get the SOP (Standard Operating procedure) in place & it’s adherence
  • Enforcement, Wired Vs Unwired
  • Impersonation of even vehicles is possible
Smooth seamless entry is being done through technology driven auto attendance with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which detects employee in fleet with entry/exit during even peak hours, simple yet powerful
This is very crucial part of the fleet management & we deploy solution more in terms of auto attendance with our mobile app & proprietary hardware makes it get the per KM distance travelled by vehicle to match exactly as per the path given, variation factor is considered to arrive on almost zero error billing mechanism then
YES, all the formats that we generate can be exported into couple of formats like Excel, CSV & PDF
The base facto with which we go is “DISCIPLINE”, we understand the Change Management pain & act our process likewise, for ex. Strict Adherence for Vehicle & Driver master with all fields filled in, Strict adherence to allocating registered vehicles ONLY to employee rostering & restricting with all those coming without it, etc..
This is age old & natural process of any corporate employee behaviour & we have handled that very tactfully, by enabling mobile to the use of intimating change in trip schedule, discipling through penalizing making things smooth & easily implementable. Both “NO-SHOW” & “AD-HOC” are managed to large extend on this strategy wherein we have seen a drop of 70-80% by giving employees a tool to make changes on the go & get things in order
“ONLY MOBILE” is what we have set our target to achieve for, it stems from basic fact that it not only gives flexibility to change on the go but also disciplined for every stakeholders to perform his/her duty
YES, we do & we call this as “IMPERSONATION”, this leads to non-manual but technology driven identification of correct employee getting - correct vehicle - correct time through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), believe us technology is simple but it corrects major issue of identification, if implemented
NO, not at all, we incorporate many changes that comes to us as business rules, in fact our application being central to all, becomes common place to share best industry practises and we take pride in not taking any charges for such changes.
Absolutely, we are just a call & ride away to visit personally or give a remote demo for a live demonstrable technology. We can take one step at a time of sending you some case studies & Benefits over features list to get thing sorted. Please email us on or website us on web,
We earn on per month per cost of the employee model, no hidden cost
YES, with all means, we hold the IP (Intellectual Property) for the Software Products & we have built this grounds up, so it is easy for us to provide a white labelled version so that it suits your brand image
YES, with all means, we hold the IP (Intellectual Property) for the Software Products & we have built this grounds up, so it is easy for us to provide a white labelled version so that it suits your brand image
We have state of the art control & command centre in pune with video wall to monitor 24X7 matrix of all corporates altogether, giving facets of all possible scenarios to monitor & keep a hawk eye on all corporate employee activities
We are young, vibrant smart up (Start-up is passé’) averaging age of 32 years with 800 Man years of experience with 32 People in total. Management team comes from Veritas, Wipro, Oracle with zeal to enrich Transportation Industry with practical solutions to address pain points on the ground. We even get operational expertise on site to get things started to normalization
We are into services industry & understand the importance of your need, you can hit us on any digital media, web, email, twitter or call, as we are a call & ride away.