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Here at Pitasys, we strive for quality solutions with a high standard of transparency, flexibility, and security. And it is in such spirit that we bear the torch of corporate and mass mobility in Pune. We have provided our expertise of reliable and efficient transportation to almost 200 companies so far. Ever since we founded our brand ALLMILES™.

in 2012, our services have grown quickly and gained widespread recognition, on its own. It is with an undying resolve to get better, more secure, and convenient; that we run our business.

This is how our flagship brands–”Metro Zip” & City Zip–smartly solved transport issues in the two biggest IT hubs of Pune:

Magarpatta City IT park and Hinjewadi IT park

Client: STCPL (Supreme Group of Facility Management), a major force in transport operations in India having a presence in 14 states.


Hinjewadi houses the largest IT hub of Pune, with 72 companies, and 300,000 transport users, while Magarpatta City houses the second largest IT hub of Pune, with 120 companies and 50,000 transport users.

Problems and expectations: In both the above cases, STCPL previously used out-dated methods of fleet management and transport such as manual route planning, help desk, and lack of automated roster for registered companies. At such a time, STCPL was in need of major digital upgrades such as automated route planning, proper data gathering for MIS, as well as fuel consumption analysis. Their system was also in need of a versatile solution that would allow users to easily access bus location, easy access based on reservation, etc.

Our solution: We developed a joint strategy with STCPL and deployed our YanHetu™

GPS devices in all City Zip buses, as well as a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. This brought a lot of convenience for users as they could now track the buses with their smartphones. We also automated the fleet planning of STCPL for the given area, along with other vital data gathering processes in order to keep proper track of performance. The introduction of the mobile app also brought with it other benefits, such as bus pass – payment gateway integration and seat reservation/cancellation flexibility.

Similar solutions were applied in the Hinjewadi. But this time operated under our other brand, Metro Zip.

Here is how our smart solutions helped improve mobility for one of the largest KPO in US.

Client: Bank of New York & Mellon (BNY&M), Pune.

Context: BNY is one of America’s largest banks, with operational presence across 3 big locations in India. Pune is one of the major focal points of BNY’s India operations, with 3,800 employees distributed between CommerZone and Magarpatta.

Problems and expectations: The nodal employee transport provided by BNY was facing numerous logistical and operational issues, such as lack of fleet consistency (70-80%), lack of location transparency due to absence of proper mobile-GPS integration. Seat reservation/cancellation was also quite inflexible due to the lack of proper technology. BNY need to integrate the existing employee IDs with the seat booking system. A streamlined and automated data gathering system was also required for proper performance tracking.

Our solution: We ran our solution in 2 phases, of which we first ran Phase 1 as a conditional step upon which the execution of Phase 2 depended. As per our first steps, we deployed the YanHetu™.

GPS system as well as semi-automated rostering and routing of all fleet vehicles. We enabled self-learning in the online employee register, so as to automatically incorporate their residence addresses with the GPS system. We also added to their existing fleet by enrolling more vehicles from external vendors.

After applying our solution, rapid improvements in the BNY employee mobility system became apparent. Other than online rostering and enhanced performance analysis, the fleet is also functioning with increased efficiency. As per the go-ahead from BNY, we are now working on Phase 2 of our project, which involves fully automated rostering, routing, as well as a mobile app for the transport users.


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